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Multibanco is an interbank network in Portugal owned and operated by Sociedade Interbancária de Serviços S.A., or SIBS, that links the ATMs of 27 banks in Portugal, totaling 12,700 machines as of December 2014. The bank members of Multibanco control the SIBS. Multibanco is a fully integrated interbank network. One of the most notable characteristics of Multibanco is the wide range of services that can be utilised through its machines.

Multibanco in itself does not only encompass ATMs. It has a fully-fledged EFTPOS network called Multibanco Automatic Payment, and is also a provider of mobile phone and Internet banking services through the TeleMultibanco and MBNet services respectively. It is also the provider of the Via Verde automated toll payment service.

One angry customer complained about a Multibanco ATM: "In past years we've used our Schwab debit cards at ATMs in Portugal everywhere with no problem. Used them on April 19 & 22 just fine. On April 28 the ATM's - all the ATMs - started to take the PIN and amount to withdraw, then a message something like "Not operational, try another Multibanco machine" would appear. The card is returned, no paper receipt, no money. However the amount is being debited from our bank accounts!. Not understanding what was happening we tried 9 different ATMs at 6 different banks. 200 euros each time - no money, no indication anything was processed.

I notified Schwab of the problem. Our cards are working fine. I went to one of the banks to report the problem. ATM is working OK. I even demonstrated to a bank officer using our 2 different Schwab cards how the ATM would say "... try another Multibanco machine" even though the machine was working fine - not out of money - and then debit our accounts.

Has anyone else had this problem? Multibanco seems to process ATM withdrawals for EVERY bank in Portugal.

Ideas how we can get cash with our Schwab cards here? Current thought is we drive into Spain to use the ATM!!"


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